Here at New Day CrossFit, all of our trainers are focused on helping you make strides every day. We all focus heavily on technique, consistency and intensity. With a variety of backgrounds and teaching methods, each coach’s perspective can give you a new tip or cue to better understand the proper movements of CrossFit.

As a box, we strongly value our health and also believe that it is our greatest form of wealth. We believe that having fun, training with friends and enjoying what you do is extremely important. We pride ourselves in training our athletes to be better than they were yesterday. We encourage our athletes to meet every person that comes to the box and to make sure they feel welcomed as they start their CrossFit journey. We hold our athletes accountable to the movement standards that are demonstrated prior to starting any WOD or skill session. Every individual has their own set of goals and our coaches are there to help members focus on their personal goals, too. The attention to detail and the focus on fundamentals is what sets New Day CrossFit apart from the other boxes in the area.

The New Day CrossFit community is filled with some of the friendliest, hard working and encouraging people that we have ever met. This community has made each of us better coaches, mentors and people and for that we are thankful for being a part of this family.

Our Coaches

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