Athlete of the Quarter


When did you start doing CrossFit?

I first started CrossFit while deployed to Djibouti, Africa. I liked the group atmosphere and it was challenging.

What were you doing before CrossFit?

Prior to joining NewDay CrossFit, I was kind of going stir crazy being at home with 3 boys while Norma
traveled around the world. I wasn’t doing much for fitness but running now and then. Stay at home
parent wasn’t the plan, but I’m making it work.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?

At first there were a lot of questions … Who does this? Can I do this? Why am I doing this? But then I
finished it and I was like I CAN DO this … not very well, but hey it’s over. And then I told myself one day I
am going to beat Jordan at one of these workouts, and I have done that … I think once.

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, sports, military interests, etc.)

I am currently a stay-at- home dad, married to my wife of 16 years Norma, with 3 boys; Joaquin, Julian,
and Evan. I served 15 years in the Air Force, hit High-Year Tenure, while serving I did everything from
Security Maintenance, TV Studio Maintenance, and taught Professional Military Leadership Courses.
After that I worked Security on the Vegas Strip which were some of the craziest, nerve-wrecking, and
hilarious experiences.

What is your favorite WOD and least favorite WOD?

Favorite WOD – Fran!

Least Favorite WOD – Lynn – but that is mainly on me. The bodyweight portion is the most challenging part. Well that was early on, I could probably do a lot more now that I have increased my max bench press.

Favorite Lift and least favorite lift?

Favorite Lift – Push Press because I don’t know where I got this strength from, but it just came naturally.

Least Favorite Lift – Over-Head Squat … who does this? Arms locked out and squatting, so many things need to be tight and positioned perfectly.

What were your goals when joining CrossFit?

I don’t think I really came in with a goal. Lose some weight and get healthier nothing to specific.

Have you achieved any of those goals?

Yes, I lost about 60 lbs and have come to appreciate working out regularly. Even when I can’t get into
the Box, I hit the treadmill or the road and go for a run, adding burpees, squats, or push ups.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the Gym?

Yes, I have more energy and am a lot stronger. This helps with the kids.

Do you have any other special memories/achievements during your time here?

I enjoy the holiday workouts; they are the most challenging and rewarding. Another special memory is
watching Mark do burpees with a gator costume.

What advice would you give to a newbie joining New Day CrossFit?

Just keeping coming in and leave it all at the Box. Your only competition is yourself.

Something you might not know about me is?

I like Pop music, reality TV, and theater. Britney, Janet, JT, Gaga … you get it. Competition shows, Little
Women LA, and Jersey Shore. Was a drama geek in high school.

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