Team WOD

WOD: Conditioning
20 min AMRAP
15 Sit Ups
12 Wall Balls (20/14#)
9 Cal Row or Bike

Goal = 12+ Rounds

*Partners alternate movements, each time either athlete finishes Row or Bike is 1 round. Partner 1 would start on Sit Ups while Partner 2 rests, when P1 is finished with their Sit Ups, P2 would start their 12 Wall Balls, etc.

Team WOD

WOD: ConditioningTeam WOD
200m Farmers Carry (50/35#)
While 1 team member does farmer carries their partner does reps of the following:
OH plate lunges (45/25#)
Box jumps (24/20″)
Row (Calories)
Wallballs (20/14#)

When partner A gets back from the farmer carry partner B starts their carry and partner B starts performing reps – each member does each movement before moving to the next movement.

Score is total number of reps completed by all team members.

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