Cry Me A River

Skill/Strength: Oly
10 min EMOM
1 Clean
1 Power Clean
1 Hang Clean

Add weight if all lifts are completed.

WOD: Conditioning
5 Rounds of:
3 min AMRAP
500m Row
Max Burpees in remaining time
3 mins Rest

Finish: Recovery

Circus Act

Skill/Strength: Strength
Split Jerk
20 mins to find 1RM

WOD: Conditioning
12 min AMRAP
4 Handstand Push Ups
4 Cleans (115/85#)
200m Run

Finish: Time Trial
500m Row for Time

Bear Complex

Skill/Strength: Skill
Double Unders
Focus on Body Position

WOD: Conditioning
5 Rounds for Load
Complete 7 Unbroken Sets of this Complex:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

Complete all 5 movements for 1 repetition of the complex. Complete the complex 7 times, unbroken (without letting go of the bar or resting it on the ground) for 1 round. Complete 5 unbroken rounds, increasing the weight and resting as needed between each round.

Finish: Recovery

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