Slam Balls

Buy-In Beware

Skill/Strength: Strength
Back Squat
20 reps @ 60% of 1RM (unbroken)

WOD: Conditioning
3 min AMRAP of:
500/450m Row
Max Slam Balls (30/20#)


3 min AMRAP
20/15 Cal Air Bike
Max Toes to Bar

Rest 3 mins

Score is total Slam Balls and TTB

Finish: Midline
Tabata Hollow Rocks

Mobility Mashup


Mobility Mashup is an updated version of our Mobility class where we focus on preparing our body for a workout. We accomplish this by utilizing the movements of the WOD and mobilizing these specific areas in order to perform effectively during the WOD.

Death By…
With a continuously running clock perform the following EMOM:
1st min = 1 Kettlebell Deadlift + 1 Slam Ball (AHAP)
2nd min = 2 KB Deadlifts + 2 Slam Balls
3rd min…

Continue adding a rep until the work cannot be completed in the given time.

Team WOD

WOD: Conditioning
20 Slam Balls (AHAP)
20 Ring Dips

-Rest 1min-

(20/14) cal Row
20 Box Jump Overs

-Rest 1min-

20 KBS (24/16kg)
20 Sit Ups

*Partner 1 starts with 20 Slam Balls, while Partner 2 does 20 Ring Dips. When both are done they will switch and continue to do so for 7 minutes. Both will rest for a minute, then continue with Rowing and Box Jump Overs

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