Annaliese Blecha

Annaliese Blecha
CrossFit Level 1, CPR
My interests are in the overall functionality and athletic abilities that Crossfit brings to the gym and personal life. I love long WODs (when they're over) so I'm partial to Hero Workouts. It doesn't matter if you haven't been to a gym in ages or you've been an athlete your whole life, nothing beats the satisfaction of completing an intense workout that you didn't know was possible. I want to push you to be better than you were yesterday and help you work even harder than that tomorrow. We all want you to succeed here.
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Facts about Annaliese Blecha -
Born in Washington state and from all over the country, I settled In Arizona in 2005. I found my love for Crossfit in there in 2013 when a friend talked me into an introductory class. The supportive atmosphere and competitive aspect piqued my interest instantly and I found myself coming back every day... and it was all over after that. I relocated to Virginia in 2015 and found a new home away from home at New Day Crossfit shortly after. Outside the gym I like spending my time with my pets, friends and family, traveling, cooking, and watching really horrible reality tv shows. If it's up to me, we'll be playing some EDM while working out! Don't worry... it's not always up to me. Everyone calls me HAM, so I answer to that now- feel free to do the same.
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