Brian Evavold

Brian Evavold
CrossFit Level 1, CPR
I like to focus on Form First...but I like to see what form fits the person, (according to their goals and mobility for the moment), I like to be encouraging (I yell) and I don't yell AT anyone, I yell so they HEAR ME over the WOD and what their mind is doing.  Young, old don't work, I likey!
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Facts about Brian Evavold -
I am a husband, dog owner and active duty Navy Lieutenant, at least until I retire in 2018.  I have been doing Crossfit since 2008 thanks to my wife Carrie; have had my Level 1 certification since 2011 coaching pretty regularly since then at (now) four different boxes.  What I enjoy about Crossfit and Coaching is all of you, everyone has a different strength, and a different weakness, I like to be here to help find and make both of them better!  I tend to sometimes get excited (intense) about workouts and get a bit vocal, please don't take it as yell at you or anyone else...I get loud to get your attention for a split second to help a point of performance or scream some encouragement.  Away from Crossfit I love to watch my wife's OLY Lifting, she rocks and is really good at it! I am an avid golfer and I love to look goofy when doing it.  You will hear lots of stories about my golf outfits...and they are all true!  I am a DEATHLY Loyal Minnesota VIKINGS fan, it runs in my veins, so please don't poke that bear too bad.   I love to tinker in my garage and build stuff and always have some kind of project going, you need a beer glass made out of your favorite beer bottle, or candle out of that awesome wine bottle you just finished...I am your guy!  I love to help, if you have questions about something with your crossfit adventure, just ask, if I don't know I will try to find out or point you at someone who can help.  I like loud music and having fun working out to it, but mostly getting through all of this with you all!!
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