Kris Davis

Kris Davis
CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Mobility, CPR
As a coach I focus on form above all else. That means working on mobility and using modifications to build a strong athlete from the ground up. To create habits and muscle memory that will hold up under weight and fatigue.
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Facts about Kris Davis -
My path to fitness has been a rocky one, but it's proven to be worth it. I was a mediocre high school athlete, joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school where I learned to hate running and all things fitness. Something about not having a choice makes working out no fun. After four years I joined the civilian world and immediately swore off all health food and anything fitness related. A plan that proved disastrous to my health and overall well being when I found myself in a size 18 and weighing in just over 200lbs.A change was needed, something that's not so easy to do when you're used to living off beer and pizza and you smoke a pack a day on a light day. I started out running, I hated it. It took me over a year to actually work back up to a 3 mile run, somewhere along the way things started to change. I lost weight, I quit smoking, I started to educate myself on what it meant to be healthy and stopped worrying about "looking skinny". That was over 5 years and 14 marathons ago. My desire to just lose weight has since become a desire to get healthy and to push myself to new limits.Crossfit has taught me so much about health and fitness. About the importance of movement and technique, and most importantly about surrounding myself with people who share my love and enthusiasm to be better today than I was yesterday. I have been crossfitting for just over 2 years and I love it but that's what they all say.The truth is, I love the people. The community of friends I crossfit has given me is worth every droplet of sweat, torn callus and scrapped shin. I love how we drive and push each other, they are the best support system anyone could ask for and I give them all the credit for every gain and PR I've had.
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