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Be Impressive

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What does it mean to be impressive? According to to be impressive means, “having the ability to impress the mind; arousing admiration, awe, respect, etc.; moving; admirable.” I believe we all have our own thoughts on what being impressive means – and I’m pretty sure you have been impressed by yourself or someone else.

I would categorize being impressive in a gym atmosphere as doing something (e.g. handstands, deadlifts, running, etc.) really good. I’ve been impressed at the box by all of my athletes and that is not an exaggerated statement. Because, the way that I run my box – I’m going to know every person that walks in the door. My job as an owner and head coach of New Day CrossFit is to be impressive. If I’m not impressive the person walking in the door may look somewhere else for CrossFit. I strive to get better at being an owner, athlete, father, and husband on a daily basis. The struggle is real, but the outcome is/can be amazing.

Are you ready to be impressive? If so, schedule your free intro session and get to work on being a healthier version of you…