Can You Gain Muscle Mass and get Shredded at the same time!

Absolutely! You can gain muscle mass and get shredded at the same time! 

How can You do this?

To gain muscle you have to lift weights or perform some type of resistance training exercises. 

To get shredded you also need to lift weights and consume nutrients consistent with your goals. 

Balancing Act

Athletes that focus on weightlifting only will find it challenging to get their desired physique if they are not consuming foods consistent with the goal of gaining muscle and getting ripped.

On the flip side, athletes that focus solely on the foods they consume will find it difficult to gain muscle mass if they are not consistently training to gain muscle.

The Moral Is

The moral of the story is to gain muscle mass and get shredded at the same time takes a combination of weightlifting and healthy eating. There are a number of other factors that can be considered based upon your genetics, medical history, etc.

What are your goals?

Do you have a goal for 2023? 

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