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Featured Athlete for April – Swinda Carcamo

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Swin has been with New Day CrossFit for 3 years. She is one of the OG’s at the box. Swin is the ultimate representation of the box – with her consistent work on improving her mechanics, consistently using proper mechanics in her WODs and her quiet intensity when she competes in a Hero WODs, local competitions and the Open.

Swin was an avid runner and participant in boot camp style workouts before coming to New Day. She’s still a runner – but now she is a stronger runner with the ability to push pass her wall through long runs and sprint to the finish line. She is the type of athlete that does not shy away from any of the WODs or movements. Instead she looks at the whiteboard as her daily challenge and then she formulates a plan of attack. (I stress having a plan – when you go into a workout. The plan may change – but at least there was a plan in place.)

I sat down with Swin at Fairwinds Brewery and we chatted with an IPA in one hand and some tasty empanadas on our plates. I took this time to get to know her a little better and asked her a few questions about her experiences at New Day CrossFit:

Swin did you have any obstacles or reservations about getting started with us?
My reservations, just like most women I’ve talked to, was gaining too much muscle mass and hurting myself by lifting “heavy” weight. Silly, I know!

What were the frustrations you were experiencing that led you to seek training? Was there a breaking point for you?
In Houston I was a member of an outdoor boot camp class that mostly concentrated on HIIT workouts. When I moved to VA three years ago I didn’t know where to go for training or how to keep that daily workout routine on my own. I was never an indoor gym type of person and there were no boot camps in my area with quite the same intensity. So I finally decided to give in to CrossFit. I tried other boxes with no success before landing at New Day.

How has training here helped you achieve results? What was different about the process that really resonated with you?
Training at New Day has helped me achieve more than just goals. I definitely see a physical transformation but I also have more of a drive to continue to be a better athlete/person every day. I have realized when I achieve results in one area, there’s still other areas to focus on and so on. I like how WODs are designed to always focus on strength training and building up skills every day. More importantly the CrossFit community and New Day accommodate everyone – no matter your age, size, build or stamina. We’re all going through this together! The best part of this journey has been the friends/family I have made at New Day.

What are some of the benefits, both physically and mentally that you gained since beginning at our gym?
I was at a point where I needed to challenge myself both physically and mentally when I joined New Day. Physically, Crossfit has transformed my body into a powerhouse. I’ve always been a cardio person but I never thought I could deadlift twice my bodyweight! Mentally, I’ve learned to push through and gain confidence I’ve never had!

How do you feel about your fitness journey ahead? Any goals you’d like to hit?
I’m excited about my fitness journey going forward because I know it only gets better. I’m now 3 years in and still feel like there’s so much more to learn. I have so many 2018 goals that I want to accomplish such as stringing those “dubs” (double-unders) together, bar muscles ups and conquering my fear of heights on that rope! OH… and those darn snatches.