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Overcoming Obstacles

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An obstacle is something that obstructs or hinders progress according to

Obstacles and distractions are key to our growth and development throughout our life. The way we decided to deal with obstacles and/or distractions in life will have a positive or negative affect.

A way to feel truly accomplished it to deal with the obstacles head on and make an educated decision. In order to make a decision you will need to determine the type of obstacles in your path. According to obstacles come in three different flavors:

A. External Obstacles–These are obstacles outside of your control such as the economy, natural disasters, physical limitations, and the political climate.

B. Internal Obstacles–These obstacles are generally one-time issues but you have direct control over them, such as debt, cash flow, time availability, needed skills or talent.

C. Habitual Obstacles–These obstacles reflect how people get in their own way. They can only be removed with behavioral change.

Self-reflection is needed if you are going to successfully remove the obstacles from your life. Are you creating your own obstacles? I know that I have habitual obstacles in my life that I can see clearly in front of me. But I’m my own worst enemy and I need to work on changing one thing at a time until I remove the low hanging fruit.

What obstacles do you have, which flavor, and can the obstacles be removed? Take some time out of your day and think about the obstacles in your life. Create a list of every obstacle that comes to mind and prioritize the list from biggest to smallest. Once you have the list – categorize the obstacles by external, internal, or habitual. With this information in your hands you can make an educated decision and start to overcome the small obstacles.

I recommend starting small in order to build up your awareness, confidence and time management.