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Setting a Monthly Training Schedule

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Our theme this month is “Staying the Course”.  We will be talking about the importance of creating a training schedule, removing obstacles/distractions, the kids going back to school and, some tips on meal prep.

This week we focus on the schedule:

Are you able to workout at the box 3 days a week? This answer will vary from week-to-week based upon your schedule at home, work, and life. The parents answer will depend on their kids schedule and other athlete’s answers may depend on their social schedule. Each of the components of your schedule should have equal importance if you categorize them with home, work, and life.

I don’t have any idea what many of you do for work or your average day at home. But, I’m fully aware of the benefits of working out regularly. Exercise can help control weight, combat health conditions, improve your mood, provide energy, promote better sleep, and can be social and a lot of fun. The benefits of regular exercise may have a positive affect on your time at home and work.

To ensure that you are able to exercise on a regular basis – we are encouraging each athlete to create a monthly training schedule. This schedule should be created in a format that will allow you to view your training schedule only and with your home and work schedule combined. I utilize Google Calendar to keep my days, weeks and months in order and I’m able to separate and combine the schedules to check for conflicts.

The bottom line is that setting a schedule for all of your priorities is important. Setting up a schedule and holding yourself accountable provides stability and consistency at home, work, and in life.

Coach Kevin