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The Intramural Open

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The CrossFit Open – it’s the start of the CrossFit season, which will ultimately culminate in the CrossFit Games (you may have seen them on ESPN) during the summer months. Athletes across the globe compete in this 5-week worldwide competition beginning on February 21st and concluding on March 25th. This is an opportunity to see how you compare to other athletes around the world in regards to performance on these specific workouts. If you don’t care about that, no biggie!

Starting on February 21, a workout will be released every Thursday evening (7:00pm our time) for 5 weeks. At the live workout announcement, some of the most elite CrossFit athletes go head-to-head, showcasing the workout. It’s a lot of fun to watch and see how they strategize. We will host weekly viewing parties at the box watching the announcements. And, you all are invited.

One of the cool things CrossFit HQ has done is narrow down the ability to search and compare on their leaderboard, using filters such as age, region, and even occupation – so you could see how you fare amongst underwater basket weavers between the ages of 50-54 all across the world!

You may have noticed that our programming sometimes contains workouts such as “11.3” or “12.4” – these past Open WODs are a great benchmark for looking at your progress throughout/over the year(s) as the WODs magically reappear in our regular programming. And it’s fun to just see the leaderboard and be inspired by all the people from all walks of life who choose to be part of The Open. Nothing like seeing the story of an 85-year-old completing her first Open WOD!


Your two captains this year are Sammy and Roger — The teams will be selected randomly and every member of the gym will be placed on a team regardless of registering for the Open or not. We will have themes each week that make it super fun to “represent” your team at Friday Night Lights and/or Saturday Showdown. More info will be released on that in the next week or so; be on the lookout!

Your team will be responsible for coming up with a team name, and we will have t-shirts available for pre-order. Last year’s winning team received a plaque for their accomplishments. And, the winning team will receive their teams plaque and maybe a surprise gift for the team. Your captain may make a FB group to keep your team connected throughout the week (and make it easier to coordinate costumes!).

We know all the reasons you can talk yourself out of participating. But really, half of what you love about CrossFit is, admit it, that it gives you the butterflies, the need to pee, or the nervous poops.

Have fun with it! Being an adult is hard – this is a great way to remember what it’s like to be goofy and carefree. Whether you’re completely new, are working around an injury, whatever it is, we have a place for you here. It’ll be fun, and every year, you’ll fondly remember the previous years’ shenanigans.


We are continuing with the intramural bandwagon this year and will be holding FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS every Friday for five weeks following the Thursday announcement. If you’re a morning or evening WODster and can’t make the Friday night event, don’t worry – every class on Friday will do the Open workout! But if you can make the Friday evening event, DO IT! Bring your friends and family to watch – it’ll be a great time. We’ll have the gym open at 4:30, do the whiteboard at least once every hour, and you can strategize with your team, warm-up, and hang out before we get started with the heats. We will plan on class running from 5:00pm – 7:30pm (some WODs will push the finishing heat closer to 8pm). Heats will be running throughout that time, so if you can’t be there right at 6, no worries!

In addition to the scaled/masters options given, we will also have a “novice” WOD option, just like in regular class, for all of the newer athletes or anyone not yet at the scaled division – yes, ALL OF YOU can do this!!!! It’s no different than a usual WOD, just a wee bit more exciting! We will also WOD on Saturday at 1:00pm for those of you who couldn’t WOD on Friday. We will not be WODing with XFI this year as they have closed their facility. We are in the process of locating another gym to partner with during the Open.

To register for the Open go to (pick our affiliate as your home gym – here’s a link with all of the Questions and Answers about the Open. It costs $20, and it is a sign of commitment – kind of like RSVP’ing to class on Triib for all to see – it’s skin in the game! But it’s not a requirement to participate in our Intramural Open. Those who aren’t signed up on the CrossFit website will be judged according to their best range of motion in each given movement.

We will be having an “19.6” event this year – and though we’re not yet releasing the type of event, know this: It may or may not be a WOD, but it will be a BLAST, and, of course, there will be lots of food! We can’t wait to make this announcement.


We can’t wait to see you all of you step out and do something new, different, and FUN. Be on the lookout for more info. This will be one of the best things we do all year – don’t miss out!

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To sign up for the official CF Open through HQ:

Make sure you make a post that you signed up, and tag us!