An often overlooked but integral tenant of CrossFit is accountability.  We post WoD scores to SugarWOD, participate in the CrossFit Open, and check in with our friends when they’ve missed a class.  But why do we do that?

By signing up for classes (hopefully at the start of the week) we create the opportunity to hold ourselves accountable.  We make the calculated decision to check our calendars and dedicate time to personal health and athletic progress.  Everyone knows who is registered and that can even effect other athlete’s decision making.  We are publicly committing to an exercise regimen. 

Posting scores to SugarWOD serves your athletic growth by compiling performance data over time.  We use this information to inform strategy for similar workouts and to gauge our growth as athletes.  This is why we have benchmark WODs.  But it is also a public statement of pride in our effort.  When you post that score, you should do so with your head held high knowing you put in every ounce of effort possible.  You didn’t fudge a single rep.  Scaled or RX, you couldn’t have done any better and you are letting everyone know it.

Checking on your friends when they miss a class is the most identifiable manifestation of community.  You care about the other athletes.  You enjoy seeing the people you exercise with.  It’s why you’ve stayed a member of New Day so long.  As a coach, I enjoy training each of you for different reasons.  If I haven’t seen you in a while, I remember and will be sure to let you know I’m happy to see you again.  This serves as an external motivator.  Who wants to let their friends down by not showing up?

Accountability is one of the primary ways CrossFit separates itself from Globo Gym.  Its easy not to show up because you aren’t required to reserve a time.  There is no public facing performance gauge that people will see.  There isn’t a large group of individuals who will be there waiting for you every day. 

Consider accountability the next time you sign up, show up, and post a score.  And think about other ways to apply accountability.

Coach Ryan Blank

Ryan Blank coach at New Day CrossFit
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